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Mold Inspection Sciences of San Diego specializes in mold inspection, professional mold detection, and testing for mold. We do not perform construction or mold remediation, so there are no conflicts of interest for our clients. If you need a unbiased, professional inspection for mold and moisture from a trusted company, contact us today.

Mold Testing San Diego

Mold Testing in San Diego

Mold Inspection Sciences' mold testing services help our clients know the type of mold growing in their property.  The tests for mold also quantify what spore concentrations are in the breathable air.  We can help you with mold testing.

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Certified Mold Inspectors

Certified Mold Inspector in San Diego

Mold Inspection Sciences' field team are all professional mold inspectors.  It is important that you hire an experienced, educated, and professional inspector to carefully inspect your property for mold.

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Property Issues

Roof Leaks and Mold Odor in in San Diego

Mold Inspection Sciences wants to help ensure that your property is free of mold.  If you have roof leaks or mold odor or other concerns with your property, call us to discuss our professional mold inspection services.

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