Mold Testing

Mold Inspection Sciences of San Diego provides mold inspection, mold detection, mold testing, and mold remediation support services.  We do not perform construction or mold remediation and thus there are no conflicts of interest.Mold Testing in San Diego

Mold Testing Services

We focus on determining the existence of mold growth, mold type, and the airborne concentrations of mold spores (so that you’ll know what you are breathing).

Basic types of lab samples that we can recommend to test for mold:

  • Ambient air samples (the air you are breathing in a room),
  • Wall cavity samples (air inside of a wall or ceiling cavity),
  • Surface samples (bulk material, swab, tape lift)

Mold Inspection and Mold Detection Services

  • Complete mold inspection of your home, business, or rental property designed to identify instances and sources of water intrusion and to detect mold,
  • Our findings, recommendations, conclusions, and color digital photographs are compiled into a complete, written report,
  • We utlize the finest moisture detection meters, digital hygrometers, and Zefon BioPumps and Zefon Air-O-Cells (for airborne mold spore samples)

Mold Remediation: Scopes of Work and Post Testing Services

  • If the mold investigation and mold testing of your property determines that you have a mold problem, we write a “scope of work” that outlines how the mold should be professionally remediated.  This scope of work can be submitted to companies that specialize in professional mold remediation.
  • After the mold has been properly remediated, Mold Inspection Sciences will perform a, post investigation and testing to make sure that:
    • All mold remediation containment chambers are properly consturcted and free of dust and debris,
    • All microbial growth is cleaned and/or removed,
    • All building materials associated with the mold problem are dry,
    • There are no current sources off water leaks or intrusion, and
    • Airborne mold spore samples and cross contamination samples collected meet industry guidelines for clearance.

We are the premier mold inspection company for all of San Diego, California and surrounding metro areas.



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